nothing is more painful than

the scars breaking,

those scars, the memories

previously stitched by hope

right before my eyes.

the collapse of your face,

the surrender of the will to live

through drops of tears

only time can replace.

i wish i could start your mind anew

so you’d never have to feel it again

but until then

i’ll hold you until the pain dissipates

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Come Back

Why did I wait for you

If I knew you’d never come?

Why do these words hurt

For me to speak

From my tongue?

All I remember is your voice,

So soothing, so warm

Like how I felt in your embrace;

You drowned out the noise.

Come back so I can love you

Come back so I won’t miss you

Maybe the clouds dispersed

At the sound of your name–

Just enough to ignite your true passions,

Perhaps┬ánot for me…

But I still wait

For you.


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Love Is A Beautiful Thing

Love is a beautiful thing

If you’re the one in love

If you’re the one watching sparkling eyes glint

On a river,

Or time

Roll by.
Love is a beautiful thing

If you take away the pain

With a quick kiss

And another day.

Love is a beautiful thing,

You said,

But you never


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better than her

how the hell am i better

than her?

she sparkles in the sun–

she shines even when it’s gray.

and i’m just a speck of dirt on the ground.

how dare you tell me that you won’t leave for her

when she’s all you ever wanted?

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Time With You

Darling, I will remember

Every moment we spend together.

The memories are kept in my mind.

I don’t keep track of time.

The clock keeps running too

Because time with you

Is always well-spent

No matter the event.

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On the Horizon

“Life is worth living” they would say

There’s more to it than pain;

Honestly, who could believe it?

I was convinced I was insane.

Depression hits you like a storm, I think.

Raging, yet quiet

But soon the storm subsides

And so does your mind.

So please listen when I say: It will get better

Storms aren’t forever

There’s hope on the horizon.

We can get through this


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Little Love


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