Come Back

Why did I wait for you

If I knew you’d never come?

Why do these words hurt

For me to speak

From my tongue?

All I remember is your voice,

So soothing, so warm

Like how I felt in your embrace;

You drowned out the noise.

Come back so I can love you

Come back so I won’t miss you

Maybe the clouds dispersed

At the sound of your name–

Just enough to ignite your true passions,

Perhaps┬ánot for me…

But I still wait

For you.


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Love Is A Beautiful Thing

Love is a beautiful thing

If you’re the one in love

If you’re the one watching sparkling eyes glint

On a river,

Or time

Roll by.
Love is a beautiful thing

If you take away the pain

With a quick kiss

And another day.

Love is a beautiful thing,

You said,

But you never


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better than her

how the hell am i better

than her?

she sparkles in the sun–

she shines even when it’s gray.

and i’m just a speck of dirt on the ground.

how dare you tell me that you won’t leave for her

when she’s all you ever wanted?

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Time With You

Darling, I will remember

Every moment we spend together.

The memories are kept in my mind.

I don’t keep track of time.

The clock keeps running too

Because time with you

Is always well-spent

No matter the event.

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On the Horizon

“Life is worth living” they would say

There’s more to it than pain;

Honestly, who could believe it?

I was convinced I was insane.

Depression hits you like a storm, I think.

Raging, yet quiet

But soon the storm subsides

And so does your mind.

So please listen when I say: It will get better

Storms aren’t forever

There’s hope on the horizon.

We can get through this


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Little Love


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There’s a lucid beauty in this town,
A town of a cool, calm life
Fast-paced yet beautiful
Ever-changing weather,
Just like a kiss
But, oh, London,
London wishes for love, a love like this:
London begs for recognition,
Union Jacks waving brightly
In the gray skies.
London begs for forgiveness
But most of all, London
Wants to be remembered.

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