Writing 201 Day Five: Fog/Elegy/Metaphor

Today’s Prompt: Fog

Today’s Form: Elegy

Today’s Device: Metaphor

“I can’t do this tonight.”

My body feels half-alive

And my mind chants

“You can’t!”

My thoughts

Are a raging storm;

Yelling, “You can’t do this anymore!”

As my feet hit the floor

I hesitate and think of my mother,

“One foot in front of the other.”

Be a child again;

Am I a child?

I didn’t mean for any of this to happen

But I am still breathing


Wondering when my sanity

Will cross reality.

I tried to portray the effects of depression here and how hard it can be for someone to face the day.

This is mental fog, not literal fog, but it works well.


About heatherd001

Hello! My name is Heather. I'm sixteen years old and I love to write (poems mostly) but I'm working on some story- and novel-writing. Writing is a creative outlet for me.
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