Writing Prompts

My writing has been getting bland, so it’s time to try some writing prompts!

Source: languageisavirus.com

1. Describe ways in which your character does or doesn’t show morality.

  • Evelyn is faced with several moral dilemmas throughout the book: When she is given the option to leave the psychological center and risk her life (this is where the “perfection” treatments are taking place), she must leave her mother behind to die. As her and her boyfriend run away, they must use violence to protect themselves. Evelyn is often the one to stop Alex from using violence unless absolutely necessary.
  • Despite her obvious display of morality, she is internally broken, both physically and mentally. This gives her urges to do things she shouldn’t (hurt people, hurt herself, and have outbursts).

2. Write 10 lines, each starting with the words, “I feel…”

I feel lost in this reverie, but

I feel the ground beneath my feet.

I feel okay, I say as my lips contort to an unnatural smile;

I feel the shimmering sun warm my face;

I feel it cascade away, the clouds return and again

I feel pain.

I feel your fingertips wiping stinging tears from my face

I feel love, careful not too much

You’ll scrape your elbow, such you said

“I feel that I’m falling in love with you.”

3. Compose a list of familiar phrases, or phrases that have stayed in your mind for a long time–from songs, from poems, from conversation.

  • I love you.
  • It’s going to be okay.
  • “Can’t you see, my dear? You are all you have left to fear.” -“They Only See Shadows” by Gates
  • “What is happiness if you know nothing but a lie? What is beautiful if you don’t open up your mind?” -“Sleepwalker” by Gates
  • I don’t know, I never really thought of it like that. (I say this a lot)

4. Playlist Found Poem: Take the song titles from a recent playlist and arrange them to form a found poem.

I’m going to use the playlist that is on my Tumblr. Here are the songs, in order (normal):

-Of Space and Time



-The Calm

-River Flows in You




~Okay, now for a found poem…

Flow in time, sleepwalker;

The calm, clairvoyant moon

River of sun,

And space 


Alrighty. That was interesting, but fun! 🙂 I really enjoyed the last prompt. It was actually really difficult.



About heatherd001

Hello! My name is Heather. I'm sixteen years old and I love to write (poems mostly) but I'm working on some story- and novel-writing. Writing is a creative outlet for me.
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